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viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Correccion Jailbreak Chino en iphone. CUIDADO PANGU

Correccion Falsa Alarma
This alert was caused because the iphone date was changed (as pangu required) therefore the google served could not autenticate the user.
It was just a mater of getting it back to normal.

BUT never forget that  any jailbreak means a security compromise.

After Jailbreak your passwords (at least gmail) will be compromised.
I use my google calendar through my iPhone and after Jailbreak the following message appeared:
“ can´t verify the identity of `´...” and other similar one “.... the identity of ´´...”
I understand that it is because is trying to get access to through a proxy or a “man in the middle” and in case you continue all your passwords can be copied.
You can see a screen capture here.

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